Successful hosting solution for MICE

If you leave any questions about the event,

we will contact you as soon as possible.

Successful hosting solution for MICE

If you leave any questions about the event,

we will contact you as soon as possible.

1. Collection and Use of Personal Information

1.1 Purpose of Collection and Use of Personal Information

 The Housing Bureau collects the Customer’s minimum essential information to process hotel reservation and provision of related services.

The Housing Bureau uses the collected personal information for the following purposes.

Hotel reservation, confirmation and consultation of reservation details, purchase and rate payment, delivery of product or invoices, preservation of records for dispute settlement, handling complaints, handling civil petitions, delivery of notices, etc.

1.2 Items to be Collected and Period of Retention and Use

 The Housing Bureau collects the Customer's personal information in accordance with due process and legal standards, and collects the minimum information required for the Customer's service use. Collection and use are restricted in accordance with the ACT ON PROMOTION OF INFORMATION AND COMMUNICATIONS NETWORK UTILIZATION AND INFORMATION PROTECTION.

The Housing Bureau does not collect sensitive personal information (race, religion, political orientation, health status, sexual or affectional orientation, etc.) that may infringe on the Customer's human rights.

 The Housing Bureau preserves the Customer’s personal information for the period of encompassing the provision of services or dispute settlement in accordance with the ACT ON CONSUMER PROTECTION IN ELETIONIC COMMERCE. 

Collected ItemsPurpose of CollectionRetention/Use Period

Date of Birth, Name, Gender, Contacts, Email Address Accommodation reservation Service provision and preservation period in accordance with consumer protection in electronic commerce
Credit Card Information (Card Number, Type, Expiration Date, Issuing Country) Payment of Accommodation reservation

1.3 Right to Refuse the Consent and Disadvantages in case of Refusal

The Customer has the right to refuse consent to the collection and use of personal information. In this case the Customer will not be able to use any reservation service. 

1.4 Provision of Personal Information to Third Parties

 The Housing Bureau shall not provide collected personal information to companies or institutions outside official partners unless prior consent has been obtained by Customers or otherwise required by laws and regulations.

 The personal information collected by the Housing Bureau will be transferred to hotels and official partners with the consent of the Customer in order to provide accommodation and its related services. The information to be transferred are as below: 

Service AreaRecipient of InformationItems to be TransferredPurpose of Use

Accommodation Official Hotel Personal Information (Name, Nationality, Contacts, Email Address, Credit card Information, etc.) To proceed and confirm Accommodation reservations
Official partners Organizer Personal Accommodation reservation information. Statistics of Accommodation reservations.

1.5 Service consignment operation

The Housing Bureau contracts the tasks below to specialized companies to provide convenience service to customers.

 MICELINK : Development and maintenance of Accommodation Reservation System.

 Inisys : Overseas & Domestic payment services. 

2. General

 2.1 All dates and deadlines, mentioned in these terms and conditions, refer to Korea Standard Time (KST).

 2.2 While staying at the Official Hotels, the Customer shall compensate the hotel directly for any damage to facilities of the hotel due to carelessness. It is the Customer’s responsibility to pay for any damages or losses caused due to carelessness directly to the hotel. 

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