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Incentive Tour System

Booking engine optimized for incentive tours

3 reasons to choose MRTS

From website service to Customized ONE-STOP booking simple payment system and convenient management

Reason 1

Exclusive website

Without downloading APP, you can search the URL and connect via PC/Mobile. Or on the event website, set up the link.

-- Exclusive reservation website reflecting tone&manner of customers.

-  A separate login function is installed by customer’s request
Multilingual translation function (Korea/English).

Reason 2

Book flight

24-hour flight reservation service.

①① Discount price: Up to 70% of the list price. 

② Airline multiple views or single view can be set. 

③ At the end of a single inquiry, set up a query for another airline.

You can send Mailing and SMS at the same time, including reservation and payment.

※ Only Korean domestic flight reservations are available.

Reason 3

Book hotel

-  Negotiating hotel fees around the venue. 

- Negotiating the lowest price within the event period. Securing competitiveness. 

- The hotel directly used the “Supplier ADMIN account” Room type, room price, sales volume registration.

 - Reservations, payments, changes, and cancellations can be made at once. 

- On-site payment/ Immediate payment, etc. Payment method selection by customers request.

Reason 4

Book Tour

24-hour tour reservation service.

  ① Provide planning tour program
② Customized theme programs can be operated.
③ Korean/Chinese/Japanese/English tour guide.
④ manpower management support.

 own tour program.
You can send SMS and Mailing at the same time,
including reservation and payment.

Reason 5

Rent a car

24-hour tour reservation service.

  ① Discount price: Up to 70%.
② Integrated operation for 5 largest rental car companies in Korea.
③ Search attributes can be set.

 You can send SMS and Mailing at the same time,
including reservation and payment.
※ Depending on the terms and conditions of each rental car company.

Reason 6

Check and check the reservation

Reservation confirmation and inquiry function for domestic and foreign participants.

① Korea Participants: Text/Kakao Talk 

② Overseas participants: Emailing reservation confirmation form. 

③ My Page: Reservation confirmation and confirmation can be downloaded.

Reason 7

Administrator page

Real-time reservation status inquiry.
Log in with given ID and password.

 ① Provide ID / password 

② Link to the participant’s reservation page. 

③ check the reservation status in real time.

Reason 8

Counselling center

Operating dedicated counselors.
Directly responding to customers’s
reservations and issuing documents.

① How to respond: Bulletin Board/E-mail/Phone

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